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The CLPO marked the completion of the dam reconstruction project with a ribbon cutting ceremony onJuly 16, 2016. The ceremony, with Mayor Tom Andes and Councilman Doug Gabel officiating, concluded over six years of engineering studies, design and construction supervised by the CLPO Board and members of the Dam Committee which included Chairman Steve Kovacs, Gerard Duphiney, Chuck Femminella, BarbaraKontje and Pat Strother.

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Road view
Lake view

September 2015

As per the Annual Meeting discussion, please see the attached links for the plant design for the East Beach 2015. Please send any feedback - comments and suggestions to

Thank you.


Appeal Postponement- Boathouse: 30 Cedar Lake West

Lake Lowering-2014

Please see latest water quality report under Water Quality
heading entitled “2014 Information”

Recent Improvements to Cedar Lake stockholder property:

- Water and Electric installed at the East Beach.
Please note the installation of a fresh water shower and faucet. The shower and foot wash are conveniently located at the junction of sand and dock to wash off sand before heading home. (click here to see image)

- Renovation of Landing #3 (West Side near North End) - Beautiful new steps have been completed to Lake.(click here to see image)

- Work on Landing #5 (East Side) will begin soon

-Bathymetric Study ...see Water Quality for more information

-Land Donation (click here to see image)

The Cedar Lake Property Owners Board would like to announce the donation of a parcel of property to the CLPO by Virginia Bechtold, at 224 Cedar Lake North. The former owner requested that the property remain park-like for the enjoyment of the stockholders. The Bechtold family lived on Cedar Lake for over forty years.  In giving this property, the family requested that the Board would provide to others an experience that is part of the natural beauty that is Cedar Lake, i.e. a pocket park. In keeping with the donor's request, the CLPO Board has unanimously accepted the property with its restrictions on behalf of all CLPO stockholders. It will remain in its natural state for all to enjoy. A special thanks to the Virginia Bechtold and her family for their generous donation. (2/21/2009)

- Playground Installation (click here to see image)
A playground was installed adjacent to the Cedar Lake Clubhouse.

- Wall Replacement (click here to see image)
The retaining wall at Landing # 7 was replaced in December 2008.

Appeal Denied by NJ State Supreme Court

On September 24, 2007, the Bedewi's filed an appeal with the clerk of the NJ Supreme Court in the matter of Bedewi v. Cedar Lake Property Owners and the Township of Denville. The Petition for Certification was denied. Therefore, the earlier lower court rulings continue to favor the Cedar Lake Property Owners and the Township of Denville. A copy of the DENIAL is available to review here.

An oral argument before the Appellate Division was made on June 6 at the Morris County Courthouse in Bedewi v. Cedar Lake Property Owners. A lower court ruling in Cedar Lake’s favor had been made in 2005. On September 5, 2007, the Superior Court of New Jersey affirmed the 2005 decision! Click here to read the decision.